Asphalt Core Sampling

Liquid Labs WA can provide a wide variety of asphalt testing for the purpose of compliance and verification. This includes onsite and inhouse testing. Asphalt is designed to last as long as possible, with repairs for premature failure that could cost ten’s if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. Liquid Labs WA provides testing to ensure the asphalt placed meets specifications and onsite criteria.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Onsite Sampling (WA 701.1)
  • Preparation of Asphalt (WA 705.1)
  • Bulk Density and Void Content of Asphalt (WA 733.1)

As a part of our onsite testing capabilities, we provide asphalt coring for the purposes of bulk density and air void content assessment. That is for Main Roads projects along with Projects that work under Australian Standards. We provide sampling and reinstatement of all jobs.