Density and Field Testing

Added to our scope in 2017, our field density testing services are readily available for both metro and regional projects. We understand the pressures and expectations involved in field density testing; with availability, fast turnaround times and competitive pricing the key aspects in engaging a service provider.

We have put considerate thought in to our field density testing services and feel we are unrivalled in these key areas. Our clients are confident that testing is completed accurately, efficiently and to the highest standard using best practice methods; and our longer laboratory hours ensure prioritisation, and processing in a timely manner, minimising turnaround times for reported results.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Australian Standard and Main Roads WA Nuclear Density Testing both Metro and Regional
    (AS 1289.5.8.1 and WA 324.2)
  • Annex Laboratories
  • Penetrometer Testing (AS 1289.6.3.3)
  • Dynamic Cone Penetrometer
    (AS 1289.6.3.2)
  • Penetrometer Correlation field and lab methods
  • Clegg Impact Hammer
  • Light Weight Deflectometer for resilient modulus
  • Field Permeability Assessments
  • Gravel and Material Searches
  • And all sampling for all material types

Our understanding of annex laboratories, the collaborative efforts required for large projects and most importantly our clients’ needs sets us apart. We believe in positively embracing ingenuity and outside the box thinking when it comes to problem solving.

Whether it be our excellent no hidden charges metro testing, day trip regional work or large regional annex laboratory projects, Liquid Labs WA can meet all your testing needs with outstanding customer service at an unmatched price.