Remote Annex Facilities

In addition to our permanent facilities, we also have annex and portable laboratories for a more adaptable, flexible approach. Our clients choose us for our ability to provide efficient high-volume testing in any part of Western Australia as well as consultation and expertise to conduct speciality testing.

Liquid Labs WA annex facilities can operate onsite in remote locations where it is not feasible for the testing to be carried out at our main laboratory. By understanding your project needs, we can set up an annex laboratory to provide efficient and accurate testing from site. LLWA maintains and operates our own fleet of vehicles, so we can deploy our NATA accredited laboratories with minimal delay.

Our NATA Accredited professional technicians with Senior Management will work in collaboration with our clients to deliver the most cost effective and efficient testing service to ensure a superior value for money service for clients on all types of projects.
We pride ourselves on quality based on our NATA Accreditation # 19872 approved to ISO/IEC 17025 Quality Management which includes AS/NZS ISO 9001 Quality Management principles

Our Project Laboratory Capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Sample Site Selection (AS 1289.1.4.1 / 1.4.2 and WA 0.1)
  • Sample Site Selection (AS 1289.3.1 and WA 100.1 / WA 105.1)
  • Moisture Content – Convection Oven Method 
    (AS 1289.2.1.1 and WA 110.1)
  • Dry Density/Moisture Content Relationship – Modified Compaction (MMDD) (AS 1289.5.2.1. and WA 133.1)
  • Density Ratio %, Moisture Ratio %
    (AS 1289.5.4.1 and  WA 134.1 / WA 136.1)
  • Assignment of OMC and MMDD Values
    (AS 1289.5.4.2 and WA 134.1 / WA 136.1)
  • Field Density – Nuclear Method (NDM)
    (AS1289.5.8.1 and WA324.2)

Liquid Labs WA have the resources, knowledge, and experts available to service all aspects of Construction Materials Testing requirements throughout regional and remote Australia.

Past projects have included construction of tailings storage facilities, mine foundation preparation, airfield rehabilitation, rail shutdowns, highway rehabilitation and upgrades and all other aspects of civil construction.

Should your project require a mobile or site lab, Liquid Labs WA is NATA Accredited for the provision Annex Labs for the duration of the project. These will be established to suit your project testing needs and to provide quick, efficient, and accurate results so that your project is not delayed. Please contact us should you wish to discuss the provision of these labs.

Mobile Annex Laboratory projects that Liquid Labs WA have provided:

  • DM Roads – Great Eastern Highway Low-Cost Shoulder Sealing, Southern Cross
  • DM Roads – Goldfields Esperance Region Rural Network Contract, Munglinup
  • Wolf Contracting – Raising of TSF3 to RL 532.0 at the Plutonic Gold Mine of Western Australia, Kumarina
  • WBHO – Anglo Gold Ashanti “SD19-03 Runway Resealing Construction Works” Project at the Sunrise Dam Aerodrome, Laverton
  • WA Stabilising – Mid West Gascoyne Pavement Repairs, Mid-West Region
  • WA Stabilising – Pilbara Pavement Repairs 2020, Pilbara Region
  • Super Civil – Great Eastern Highway Shoulder Widening and Reconditioning, Southern Cross
  • Anglo Gold Ashanti – Tropicana Mine site Remote Tailings Booster Pump Station, Plumridge Lakes

At Liquid Labs WA, we specialize in moisture content testing for soil compaction, a critical step in the construction process to ensure the stability and longevity of projects. With our commitment to precision and quality, we offer these services all across the state, utilizing our well-equipped annex facilities. Our extensive reach allows us to support construction endeavors from every corner of the state, providing our clients with reliable and consistent results that meet the highest industry standards. With Liquid Labs WA, you can trust that your construction projects will have a solid foundation, thanks to our thorough soil moisture content testing services.